Welcome to Difficult Fun

Difficult Fun has been created as an experimental remedy for music writing. There are few places in the Australian media were thoughts about music can be freely, and substantially, thrown around. With the closure and dwindling nature of many music publications over recent years, the spaces for reviewing and thinking about music are getting smaller.

Aiming to publish one contemporary music review every Sunday morning, Difficult Fun pushes for music writing that’s critical, humourous, political, perceptive and thoughtful. There’s no limit on style, genre or writing form.

Taking its title from The Slits song of the same name, Difficult Fun is ultimately an excursion where creating, listening and thinking about music is difficult fun.

The aim of publishing one review per week (a format stolen from the great Melbourne-based art review site Memo Review), is to offer deliberate and considered pieces that are hopefully something small to look forward to.

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